Coolroom Cleaning Service Sydney

Butler Coolroom Cleaning Service not only maintains the Health Aspects associated with food and beverage storage, but also saves you money by Reducing Your Energy Costs.

Our certified coolroom cleaners are trained in all aspects and requirements of Food Standards Australia, in relation to cleaning, certification and maintenance.


A build up of mould, dust and pollutants on cooling coils, fans and grills not only decreases the units air flow inside your coolroom but adds extra strain to your compressor by increasing the amount of energy needed to maintain the temperature thus increasing your electrical costs. The ability for mould and bacteria to grow, greatly increases.

Our specialized cleaning and restoration process, not only restores your evaporator and condenser units to optimum levels, but will maintain this condition for 12 months.

Don’t just get any coldroom cleaning company.

Get the best,

Excellent customer service, very friendly. Outstanding results, keep up the excellent job. Well done!

Mark – Sydney CBD

The guys were both very friendly and both have excellent customer service. Looks amazing. Keep up the great work!

John – Fruit Markets

Jason was wonderful! He explained the process and the results were fabulous. Thank you Butler Coolroom Cleaning.

Vinza – North Sydney

Benefits of Butler Coolroom Cleaning Sydney

Complies with Food Standards Australia.

Up to 25% improvement in airflow

10% increase in cooling levels.

Energy savings of up to 10%.

Inhibits mould growth.

Restores condenser and evaporator units to ‘as new’ proficiency.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Trust Butler Coolroom Cleaning Sydney

Quality service, amazing results, trained coolroom cleaners & satisfaction
guaranteed are just a few of the reasons why Butler’s are the industry
Leaders in Professional Coolroom Cleaning.

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