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At Butler Carpet Cleaning Sydney, we pride ourselves on being Sydney’s most respected and referred Carpet Cleaners.

With over forty years experience in Professional Carpet Cleaning, we deliver the highest standard of service that satisfies our loyal customers and amazes new clients every time.

Our certified carpet cleaners, will pre-inspect all areas for cleaning, noting all your concerns and requirements, so we can deliver the best service possible to meet your expectations. 


Now have your carpets CLEANED & SANITISED with

  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • No sticky residue
  • Fast drying
  • Australian-made

Your wellbeing and safety is our most important priority during these times. That’s why we now include our new BARRIER-GUARD to kill 99.9% of micro-organisms in your carpets…


Because at this time, everybody is affected – Homes, Families and Businesses. If we can give back a little, hopefully we will all get through this crisis safer and quicker.


Very pleased with the work and attention to detail.

Barbara – Cremorne

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Excellent Service! They worked their magic and my lounge room has never looked cleaner and the lovely fragrance leaving my house smelling and feeling cleaner. Very happy.

Kellie – Penrith

Awed by the patient, dedicated response to extracting a dark candle stain spill from our carpet.  Now, it’s totally gone!  Top marks for professionalism.  We would sincerely recommend Butler’s.

Richard – Revesby

Absolutely wonderful experience having wool carpet cleaned. Some really stubborn stains that had been there for years completely disappeared. I really couldn’t believe the result.

Robyn – Baulkham Hills

Professionals in Stain Treatment and Carpet Stain Removal

Mould Removal from Carpet

Blood Removal from Carpet

Rust Removal from Carpet

Texta Removal from Carpet

Trashed Carpet 

It doesn’t matter how badly stained or soiled your carpets are our professional technicians and superior cleaning systems always leave our customers amazed.

Grease and oil removal from carpet 

Nothing is worse than a tradesman staining your carpet, even if it was an accident. Grease and oil need specialised solutions to be removed, Butlers are professionals at stain removal. Oil and grease stains don’t stand a chance against Butler carpet cleaners let us solve all your carpet worries. 

Blood removal from carpet 

When accidents like this happen the best thing to do is place a damp cold towel over the bloodstain and call Butlers immediately using the right solutions and procedures we have saved so many blood stained carpets from being replaced. 

Dog urine removal from Woollen Carpets 

If your pet keeps staining the carpet ,urine if attended quickly is no problem for Butlers just blot up the excess and call Butlers to do the rest. We will remove the stain, deodorise and disinfect the carpet completely. 

Voila no more ink 

Now immediate action is essential when it comes to ink, the best advice is don’t touch the stain, by putting the wrong solution on you could set the stain. With our specialise solutions if we can’t get it out no one can. 

Water damage stain removal 

After water damage carpet chances are you’ll have a stain like this, our specialise solutions are required to remove cellulosic browning caused by over wetting of the carpet backing which is Jute. Butler carpet cleaning professionals have the solutions on hand to fix any water damage problems. 

IMPORTANT: It doesn’t matter what you spill or stain on your carpets, Immediate action is crucial.



To ensure the best results we will:

  • Vacuum all carpet using hospital grade ‘HEPA filters’ to remove dust mites and allergens from your carpet.
  • Specially treat all your stains and soiled areas for amazing results
  • Deep down clean your carpet for a thorough clean, leaving the carpet cleaner and fresher than ever before
  • Deodorise and sanitise all areas for the health and safety of your family.
  • Coaster under items that require attention and all furniture replaced.
  • Supply ‘turbo drying machines’ to dry the carpets leaving them ready to walk on within hours.

Because of the current health crisis COVID-19 now is the best time to have your carpet cleaned and sanitised for you family’s health and well being.

Don’t just get any carpet cleaning company.

Get the best,

At Butler Carpet Cleaning Sydney, we pride ourselves on being Sydney’s most respected and referred Carpet Cleaners.

With over thirty years experience in Professional Carpet Cleaning, we deliver the highest standard of service that satisfies our loyal customers and amazes new clients every time.

Our certified carpet cleaners, will pre-inspect all areas for cleaning, noting all your concerns and requirements, so we can deliver the best service possible to meet your expectations. They will specially treat all your stains and soiled areas for amazing results. We will deodorise and sanitise all your carpets leaving them fresher and cleaner. We will then dry your carpets ready to walk on within hours. 

Don’t just get any carpet cleaning company, get the best, make a booking now!

Trust Sydney’s best carpet cleaning

Quality service, amazing results, trained carpet cleaners & satisfaction

guaranteed are just a few of the reasons why Butlers are the industry

leaders in Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Benefits of Butler Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Fully Trained And Certified Technicians

Before entering your home our certified technician will place our company mat at your front door, to ensure no further soils are brought into your home.

Professional Pre-Inspection

Our certified technician will carry out with yourself a pre-inspection noting your specific concerns and what your expectations are.

We Remove Dust Mites And Allergens

By using our National Asthma Council recommended vacuum system, we can help eliminate dust mites and allergy triggers from your carpets. Great news for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Green And Eco-Friendly

Our solutions are safe for all members of your family including pets.

We Will Move Your Furniture

And replace your furniture back to their original positions. Coasters are placed under your furniture for protection.

We Remove Stubborn Stains

Our DEEP CLEANING process removes even the most stubborn stains and marks from your carpets.

Your Carpets Dry Enough To Walk On

Our rapid drying process means your carpets are safe enough to walk on within hours.

Post Inspection

Once we have finished cleaning we will walk through all areas cleaned to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Experience a Carpet Cleaning Service
like you’ve never had before…



But does it work?

The answer is YES! With over 40 years experience in carpet care and cleaning we have tried and tested a large majority of ‘carpet protectors’ but none can match the performance or longevity of our premium carpet protector.

Our advanced water based fluorochemical polymer provides premium protection for both wool and nylon carpet. Upon application to your carpet, it creates a durable highly repellant shield to each fiber. This repellant nature holds spills and stains close to the surface, which enables them to be removed before causing permanent damage. Once a spill has occurred blot up as much as possible with either a ‘paper wipe’ or ‘microfibre coth’.  

Our carpet protector also repels dry soiling making it easier to remove with vacuuming, which helps carpet longevity.

Carpet Protection on carpet after cleaning is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers and wholesalers.

Longlife Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever noticed the discolouration in the main traffic areas of your carpet? This is usually the first thing to reappear after a poor carpet cleaning service. Most carpet cleaners just spray and clean, hoping the steam will remove discolouration, when all they are really doing is just removing the dirt sitting on top of the fibres and not removing soils and stains that are embedded at the bottom of the carpet.

Butler’s LONG LIFE CLEANING PROCESS is specifically designed to loosen embedded dirt and stains trapped lying deep down inside your carpet, enabling us to easily remove these pollutants. Your carpet will stay cleaner for longer, and drying time is dramatically reduced because we don’t flood your carpet , like other carpet cleaners.

Another great benefit of our LONG LIFE CLEANING PROCESS is that spots are much less likely to re-appear. Re-appearing spots are often the result of no agitation being used at all. You can really feel the difference ….softer, fresher carpets.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Have you ever had your carpets cleaned only to find that it took days to dry and left odours? Well, unfortunately this is still common practice today.

The reason for this is that some carpet cleaners still think the more water they put in, the cleaner it will get. This is wrong and bad practice.

Butler’s PATENTED WAND DESIGN Helps with this very issue.

Butler’s patented wand is specially designed to deliver the steam where it is needed on your carpet fibres and not go past the carpet backing. Rather than putting excess water onto your carpet, we actually use less water.  By using ADVANCED HEATING SYSTEMS, it will increase the steam’s temperature and therefore remove those stubborn stains and marks with less moisture, and leave your carpet drier than ever.

You can actually feel the difference … at last drier carpet.

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