Leather Cleaning Sydney

Bring back that luxurious feel and look of your leather lounges, chairs and sofas in just a few hours.

That’s right, your leather couches and chairs can be cleaned, moisturised, protected and dried in a matter of hours.

Our professional Leather Cleaners are fully trained in cleaning a variety of leather types. Our Leather Cleaning Process caters for Aniline Leather, Semi-Aniline Leather and Pigmented Leather. 


Regular cleaning and protection to your leather furniture, will not only help protect your leather from stains and damage, but will also add years onto its life. Some types of soiling not only affects the look of your lounge but can actually damage the integrity of the leather. Perspiration, especially can be very damaging to your leather due to the body oils, enzymes and fatty acids it contains, which can stain and remove small amounts of protective coatings designed to protect your leather’s topcoat.

No matter how old or how worn your leather couch and leather chairs maybe, let our professional deep leather clean inject life back into your favourite chair or leather sofa. 


The only way to prove the elimination of viruses,

bacteria or any living organism is by means of ATP Testing.


Before Cleaning and Disinfection

The leather lounge is visibly dirty and stained, and an ATP Test shows that it has a count of ‘147’ contaminants – living viruses, bacteria and mould.



After Cleaning and Disinfection

The leather lounge is visibly dirty and stained, and an ATP Test shows that it has a count of ‘0’ contaminants – living viruses, bacteria and mould.


Don’t just get any leather couch cleaning company.

Get the best,


Butler did a fantastic job. Stains I never thought would come out are now gone. Staff are friendly and polite. I have used other carpet cleaners but no one has come close to the standard of service I have received from Butler, I will only be using them from now on and will be telling all my friends!

Theresa – Picnic Point

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Our cream leather lounge looks brand new again! Can’t recommend this company more highly. The best in the industry and I’m so happy I found them!

Caterina – Milson’s Point

I had been putting off getting my leather lounges cleaned for ages! I was recommended Butler. The team did such a great job on our leather lounges. They look brand new again!

Gina – Denistone

The technician came on time, very professional and answered all my questions. Cleaned our two leather armchairs which now look like new. Definitely use Butler’s again.

Hilary – Drummoyne

Benefits of Butler Leather Lounge Cleaning Sydney

Better Care

All our leather restoration process is done by hand, this ensures the most attention to detail in the cleaning process.
All lounges removed and placed back into their original positions.

Better Process

Three Stages:
1. Cleaning – Removes stubborn stains, marks and odours.
2. Moisturising – Restores leather’s natural oils, leaving it soft and supple.
3. Protecting: – Guards against future spills and stains.

Longer Lasting

Your lounges and chairs will remain cleaner for longer with our unique leather protection coatings.


Our green eco-friendly solutions are safe for all members of the family including pets.
Your leather lounges, leather chairs and leather sofas will be dry and ready for use within hours.

Amazing Results

See What A Difference Butler Leather Cleaners Can Do For Your Leather Lounges

No matter what condition your leather upholstery is in, Butler Professional Leather Cleaners’ process can restore it for you.

Leather cleaning 

Body oils on leather can really take away the beauty of a leather lounge. Butler leather cleaning can restore your leather lounges like new again, removing all body oils ,and stains from your leather.

Trust Butler Leather Lounge & Sofa Specialists Sydney

Quality service, amazing results, trained leather
cleaners & satisfaction guaranteed are just a
few of the reasons why Butler’s are the industry
Leaders in Leather Lounge Cleaning.

How To Care For Your Leather Furniture

Avoid Direct Sunlight
Sunlight has a ‘drying out’ effect upon Sydney leather, and UV radiation will accelerate the color loss in the pigment (fading). Try to position your lounges out of direct sunlight will add additional life to your leather lounges.

Avoid Heat 
Heat also has a ‘drying out’ effect upon the leather causing it to go ‘stiff & brittle’, so place heaters as far away as possible. 

Personal Care
Keep leather ‘PET FRIENDLY’. Paws and claws can scratch and damage the leather finish, therefore cutting your pet’s nails will help avoid unnecessary scratches.

Pens, texters and sharp objects, try avoid leaving these on lounges
Moving leather lounges – Lift, don’t drag by arms.

PERSPIRATION – contain body oils and fatty acids, which over time breaks down the protective coatings on your leather. This is due to the perspiration’s acidic nature. So to prevent protection loss, ensure that perspiration is removed before using leather lounges. 

Always Clean & Protect Regularly
Wipe down your leather or dust leather weekly, using a moist cloth. 

Leather cleaning & protection application should be carried out yearly. By doing this your leather never gets to the irreversible ‘damaged stage’.

Beware Of Dyes
From newspapers, new denim jeans – these can transfer dyes onto your leather permanently.

Wet Clothes
Never use leather lounges to hang wet clothes, as this may increase the risk of mould.

Always Use Care Products
Only use products specifically advised for cleaning leather – Never use strong or granular products, if in doubt please contact our office. 

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