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Tile Cleaning

 Tile & Grout Cleaning Sydney

Tile Cleaning is one of those jobs that we all address with regular mopping.  Over time the lustre and colour of your tiles and grout will slowly diminish. The reason for this is because by mopping, you are actually diluting the dirt and spills and spreading them over a larger area, therefore giving the appearance of a clean floor.

Butler Tile and Grout Cleaning System cleans deep down into the pores of your tiles and grout to remove even the most stubborn stains, leaving your tiles cleaner and brighter.

We specialise in all types of:

INTERIOR TILED FLOORS – Ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles and even Limestone tiles.

EXTERIOR TILED AREAS – Sandstone Tiles, Travertine Tiles, Concrete Tiles.

Butler tile cleaners have the right solutions and procedures to ensure all your tiled areas become cleaner, safer and drier than ever before.

Experience A Tile & Grout Cleaning Like You’ve Never Had BeforeGuaranteed!

Benefits of Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney

  • Your Tiles And Grout Dry Within Hours
       Ready to walk on
  • Hygienically Clean
       Kills Mould and Bacteria
  • Green And Eco-Friendly 
        Safe for your Family and pets
  • Complete Tile Restoration
       For all types of Tiles both Exterior & Interior

Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Tile Cleaners Sydney
Tile Cleaners Sydney
Tile Cleaners
Tile Cleaner
Tile & Grout Cleaners Sydney
Tile & Grout Cleaner Sydney

If you have concerns about your grout or mould issues in your tiled grout, then our new ‘Eco-Grout Coating’ is for you!

Did you know Butlers are the preferredSandstone Cleaning and Restoration Specialists’ by leading building, gardening and swimming pool design companies.

Trust Sydney’s Best Tile & Grout Cleaning Specialists

Quality service, amazing results, trained tile and grout cleaners & satisfaction guaranteed are just a few of the reasons why Butlers are the industry Leaders in Tile Cleaning Sydney.


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The guys were both very friendly and both have excellent customer service, Well done, looks amazing keep up the great work!
October 9, 2015 by KatrinaStarStarStarStarStar

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Commercial Tile Cleaning Sydney

Interior Areas

Are the tiles in your business’ kitchens, bathrooms, foyer and stairs dirty? We can professionally clean your tiles with our ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY tile and grout cleaning & re-capture system.

Our high-pressure turbo head, with its rotating jet arms, gets into every crevice removing built-up dirt and bacteria. Our specially formulated tile & grout cleaning solution penetrates the grout and removes all mould and dirt helping your floors meet crucial Occupational Health & Safety standards.

Unlike other cleaning companies, we do not use harsh acids or bleaches that can “etch” the grout leaving it porous and susceptible to re-soiling.

Exterior Areas

Your businesses pathways and outdoor eateries are susceptible to mould and algae build-up in your tile and grout. Make your floors look more appealing thanks to our specialised environmental solutions that we use to remove and eliminate growth for 12 months – guaranteed!

Our revolutionary tile & grout cleaning equipment is powered by truck mounted machines for a professional finish.

Ask our certified tile cleaners about sealing and protecting your tile and grout. They are happy to advise you of the best tile cleaning procedure for your commercial facility to keep your tile & grout looking amazing all year!