Going Green

Butler’s are the leaders in Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and one of the many reasons for this is because we are willing to adapt and advance with technology to meet the needs of our customers.

That’s why we have just been awarded “Sustainable Carpet Cleaning Company 2013”.

At Butler’s we don’t just talk about ‘Green Cleaning’, we perform ‘Green Cleaning’ everyday.
Butler’s have achieved ‘Sustainable Certificate – ISO 14001’, minimising our environmental impact.

Our Products

  • We even supply environmentally safe Spotting Bottles
  • Are not only safe for your family but also the environment
  • And if you are sensitive to smells – we even have solutions that are absolutely odourless – no VOCS

Our Systems

  • Our newly developed ‘Longlife Cleaning System’ is proven to be not only the cleanest way to have your carpets and upholstery cleaned – but it’s the most environmentally safest
  • It reduces water consumption by 90% – what that means to you is – a saving of $$$ in water usage.
  • It has no fossil fuels consumption – that means no air pollution or noise pollution from big fuel driven machines.
  • It reduces Your Energy consumption by 45% – by not plugging big machines into your power points – saving of $$$ in energy.
  • Also it dries quicker then conventional carpet cleaning materials

Going Green Butler Carpet Cleaning