Definition of Sustainable Cleaning:

“The Development of Carpet Cleaning Systems that are healthier and also improve indoor environments with a lower burden on natural systems, while creating Sustainable Value for its clients”

By Mark Langrell – Director Butler Carpet Cleaning
Sustainable Cleaning means much more than just using ‘Environmentally Safe Products’.

At Butler’s we consider that Environmental products are only one part of the holistic sustainable solution.
We have heavily researched and developed new, more advanced “Environmentally Safer Solutions” that combines powerful cleaning polymers that prevents rapid re-soiling combining with ‘stain resist agents’ providing protection against typical acid dyes commonly found in food stuffs.

This technology reduces the amount of Water being consumed in carpet / upholstery cleaning.


Butler’s Sustainable Cleaning Systems are preferred by leading Carpet Manufacturers – Brintons Carpets, Feltex Carpets, Shaw Carpets and Mowhawk Carpets.

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