Wool Cleaning Specialists

Just like your other gorgeous carpets and rugs in your home, we understand you want your wool to receive the best care and to maintain its fresh appearance and great texture.

Expensive and decretive wool carpets need to be treated with the upmost care to ensure their lifespan is elongated.

Not many carpet cleaning companies are trained to properly care for wool carpets, but at Butler Carpet Cleaning our technicians know how to best approach, consult and implement the specific care your wool carpet needs.

This confidence comes from attaining the prestigious titled of ‘certified technicians of Wool of New Zealand’ – the name behind the best carpets in the world. This makes us part of an exclusive network of the most highly trained carpet technicians in Australia.

Membership to Wools of New Zealand is through invitation only and to qualify, technicians must:

  1. Be formally trained by Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute
  2. Attend specialised course in wool carpet science conducted by the Wool Research Organisation of New Zealand
  3. Clean to the standards specified in AS/NZS 3733:1995

Wool Cleaning Specialists

Butler’s have been approved by Wools of New Zealand due to our constant commitment to deliver the highest standard of customer service and quality assurance to carpets in Sydney residential homes and office spaces.

Call one of your friendly staff now to ask about having your beautiful wool cared for (02) 9719 8777