Trained Staff

Did you know that over 90% of carpet cleaning companies in Australia have had no formal certified training in carpet cleaning?

This lack of knowledge often leads to residential and commercial carpets and upholstery being treated poorly and let unsalvageable due to surfaces being treated with procedures or cleaning solutions too harsh.

That’s why it’s so important when searching for a carpet cleaning company to find out:

  1. Do they have certified technicians?
  2. Who are they certified by?
  3. Always check with the certified company that they are still current

At Butler Carpet Cleaning, all of our technicians and office staff have undergone specialised training so we can best understand and assist your needs when you make an enquiry and during the service.

We believe professional and skilled service comes through well applied knowledge so all our staff undergo formal training and sit examinations to ensure the taught theory is understood.

Our technicians also receive extensive practical training, which is complemented by the comprehensive theory they have learnt.

Butler’s staff are trained and certified by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute.

We also police check all our employees that will be in your home or business, and require all our employees to wear the Butler’s uniform with staff badges and ID cards for your personal assurances.